The Story

My glamorous granny is the spirit and inspiration behind The Granny Wardrobe concept.

My name is Lorraine, the founder of The Granny Wardrobe.

This is a woman-owned small business. I moved to west coast Canada from the UK, now settled in Vancouver with my husband, my son and my cat Ferguson.

Here you will find one-of-a-kind, carefully curated vintage frocks and accessories, with a special focus on vintage dresses and scarves from the 1950s and 1960s.

I was raised by my granny. She was the type of elegant lady you would see in the movies, who loved to dress up wherever she went. She was a master at accessorising, and had a keen eye for colours and patterns.

Granny passed away when I was still little, and I missed her so very dearly. Every time I looked at photos of her, I could almost smell her perfume and felt the soft silk scarves on her neck as if she was holding me in her arms.

I wanted to have something to honour my memories of her. I thought: "Wouldn't it be great if I can just wear her clothes to school?" Well, turned out it was a bit challenging as most of the clothes were too big for me, so I was allowed to wear her scarves. I was 10.

Fastforward to my early 20s, I started collecting vintage pieces I found in thrift stores, flea markets and random places when I travelled and started building my own collection.

As my collection grew larger, the wardrobe in our small apartment was getting so full that my husband didn't even have any space left for his clothes. (His minimum wardrobe of 5 t-shirts and 2 pairs of trousers)

An idea was born: If I have to trade the pieces, why don't I start my own vintage clothing shop?

And voilà - The Granny Wardrobe was founded in 2019!

Vintage Community

The Granny Wardrobe is proud to be a member of the Vintage Fashion Guild sellers.

“VFG sellers pass a careful review of their knowledge and selling practices before they can join. Look to VFG sellers for true vintage, accurately described and sold with integrity.
Vintage Fashion Guild is a leader in free educational resources that include our noted Label Resource.”

Giving Back

  • Volunteering for the Vintage Fashion Guild to curate their IG page. Growing the audience from 8K to 46K (and counting) in one year.

  • Monthly donations to Cat Therapy and Rescue Society, 5% of the sale revenue goes to CTRS.
    Ferguson was adopted from CTRS, and I can't thank them enough to connect me with such a great feline companion for life.